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“The roots in Bosnia, a tree in Slovenia”

“The roots in Bosnia, a tree in Slovenia” is a project of Bosniac cultural Union of Slovenia. The project is supported by grant from Switzerland trough the Swiss Contribution to the Enlarged European Union.

The Bosniac youth faces a great challenge of preserving its own culture and fitting into the broader Slovenian culture. With this project Bosniac youth will get a chance to learn their mother tongue properly so that they can develop a positive self image and later serve as the integral part of this society. All interested children and youth in Ljubljana, Velenje and Jesenice will get a chance to learn Bosnian language and culture in Bosnian associations that are in this towns. In school year 2012/2013 the project will take place in primary school in Ljubljana, and also in other schools in Slovenia if there would be possibility.

General objective of project is to encourage a positive approach towards the minority cultures pursuing the greater social inclusion of youth with immigrant background.

Specific goals of project are:

1. to develop and implement a course of Bosnian language and culture ,
2. to establish a regular complementary mother tongue and culture education within NGO's of immigrant communities and to find a regular source of funds for those activities;
3. to organize the creative free time activities through using video technologies for reflecting on one's attitude towards the mother culture.
4. to create the opportunities for the qualitative meeting of both cultures and to encourage the recognition of the advantages of cultural diversity.

For more information contact us via email Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Če ga želite videti, omogočite Javascript. or phone +386 40 477 074.




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